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Earned Income Tax Credit: Analysis of Credit Claims for 1998

The Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) statistical study results from a legislative mandate. The legislation, enacted in Chapter 170 of the Laws of 1994, mandates the reporting of detailed data, on a county-level basis, showing the usage and value of the EITC.  It also requires classification of this data by amount of earned income, size of credit, and number of qualifying children.

This edition of the EITC report provides detailed information for credit claims allowed for tax year 1998.

The following reports can be downloaded.   Download documents include complete publications and sample tax forms in Adobe Acrobat pdf format (to view and print pdf reports, you need an installed copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader -- which is available for free) and statistical tables available in spreadsheet files in Microsoft Excel 95 xls format.