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How to transmit IVP forms to the Tax Department

After assessors receive Form RP-425-IVP, Supplement to Form RP-425-E, the assessor or the Tax Department enters the data from the form into the IVP system.

Assessors can follow the instructions below to provide the forms to the Tax Department for data entry. To protect the privacy of property owners, assessors should not retain copies of Form RP-425-IVP.

Transmit the forms weekly, unless the volume exceeds 500 forms. Transmit volumes exceeding 500 more frequently.

Transmit all forms as soon as possible after taxable status date.

  1. Verify that each IVP form is complete, legible, and accurate.
  2. Transmit only the IVP form. Do not include: Form RP-425-E, any stapled documents, or other attachments (such as tax documents or worksheets).
  3. Complete the For assessor’s use only section at the bottom of the form.
    • Enter the first four digits of your SWIS code in the Municipal code field.
    • Enter the Ownership code only if the property is a mobile home or cooperative that is not separately assessed, enter M or C, respectively. Otherwise, leave this line blank.
  4. A complete Form RP-425.5-IVP, Enhanced STAR IVP RP-425-IVP Transmittal Form must be attached to each batch of forms you provide to the Tax Department. Ensure that all fields are completed on the transmittal form.
  5. The current IVP form is a two-page form with a revision date of 08/20. If you receive one or more of the previous one-page IVP forms, include them in a separate batch with its own transmittal form.
  6. Transmit the forms to us using secure email, mail, or hand delivery (instructions below). Regardless of the delivery method, please include a transmittal form.

Electronic transmittal

Batch the forms into a maximum of 50 per transmittal. If you have more than 50 forms, provide a separate transmittal form for each batch, and write Batch __ of __ on the form. Each batch must include a transmittal form.

If you transmit electronically, we recommend storing the forms securely for two weeks so that we can contact you if you there are any transmission issues. After that time, or after spot-checking to ensure the records have been entered into the IVP tool, securely shred the forms. (To protect property owner privacy, assessors should not retain IVP forms long-term.)

Secure email: You will need to use a Secure Communications (SCOM) account to email the forms to us. To request an account, email Include your name, municipality, and phone number. We will send account information and instructions to you. To protect the privacy of applicants, do not send IVP forms through regular email.

Other options

Mail: Send the transmittal and IVP forms to:

PO BOX 15191
ALBANY NY 12212-5191

Hand deliver the forms to your Regional Liaison.

We may reach out to assessors or taxpayers directly to resolve any transmittal or form issues.