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Current status of property tax-related legislation

Passed both houses in 2023

Final Status

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To view the text of a bill, visit New York State Legislature. (To search, enter the bill number without the period, for example, X1234-x.)

To view prior years bill status, see Real property tax legislation summaries.


Budget bills

Subject of legislation Bill number Prime sponsor Last action of legislature Status

Budget Bill: Includes provisions relating to Senior Citizens Real Property Tax Exemption, Oil and Gas fees and Wind and Solar Valuation Model (See Parts K,L and N)

S.4009-C Budget Bill Passed Senate 05/01 Signed 5/3 Ch. 53
A.3009-C Budget Bill Passed Assembly 05/01
Budget Bill: Includes provision relating to New York City Commercial Property Incentives (See Part AA) S.4005-C Budget Bill Passed Senate 05/01 Signed 5/3 Ch. 59
A.3005-C Budget Bill Passed Assembly 05/01


Other RPT related bills

Subject of legislation Bill number Prime sponsor Last action of legislature Status

Certiorari: Establishes the Island Park LIPA power plant tax assessment reserve fund

S.7253-A Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick Passed Senate 6/8

Signed 10/25

Ch. 554

A.5142-B Brown Passed Assembly 6/5

Exemption, disabled: Includes workers compensation certifications of disability as proof of disability (amds. RPTL Sec. 459-c)

S.2574 Gounardes Passed Senate 3/29

Signed 12/22

Ch. 757

Approval Memo. 79

A.7164 Septimo Passed Assembly 6/8

Exemption, multiple dwellings involving NYSHFA: Extends RPTL Sec. 421-d and bonding authority to 7/23/2025 (NYSHCR Dept. bill)

S.6943 Kavanagh Passed Senate 6/5

Signed 7/19

Ch. 205

A.7209 Rosenthal Passed Assembly 6/9

Exemption–SCRIE and DRIE:  Extends the effective date of L.2022 c.687 for residents in former Mitchell-Lama rental buildings to March 31, 2024 (amds. RPTL 467-c)

S.6965 Kavanagh Passed Senate 6/7

Signed 7/28

Ch. 232

A.7394 Glick Passed Assembly 5/31

Exemption–Vets., Amends the definition of veteran to include career members of the armed forces for purposes of the alternative veterans tax exemption (amds. RPTL 458-a)

S.7461 Scarcella-Spanton Passed Senate 6/7

Signed 11/10

Ch. 611

A.3381-A Woerner Passed Assembly 6/5

Exemption related: Includes certain lands used in single operation for the production of tree nuts in the definition of agricultural land (amds. AGM law)


S.6185 Hinchey Passed Senate 6/9

Signed 9/15

Ch. 395

A.5928 Stirpe Passed Assembly 5/17

Foreclosure: Institutes a one year in rem foreclosure moratorium in response to United States Supreme Court Case Tyler v. Hennepin County, Minnesota.


S.7549-A Thomas Passed Senate 6/9

Vetoed 12/22

Veto Message #149

A.7763 Hunter Passed Assembly 6/20

New York City provisions: Amends income requirements for certain exemptions in NYC (amds. RPTL Secs. 459-c, 467, 467-b and 467-c)

S.7384-A Krueger Passed Senate 6/7

Signed 7/28

Ch. 276

A.7665 Taylor Passed Assembly 6/7

New York City: Limits adjustment of Art.18 current base proportions to a % set by City Council, but no more than 5% (amds. RPTL Sec. 1803-a)

S.7400 Gounardes Passed Senate 6/5

Signed 8/23

Ch. 347

A.3327-A Weprin Passed Assembly 6/9
Nassau Co.: Limits adjustment of Art. 18 and 19 current base proportions to 1 pct. (amds. RPTL Secs. 1803-a and 1903) S.7361 Thomas Passed Senate 6/5

Signed 9/22

Ch. 488

A.7254 Lavine Passed Assembly 6/1
New York City provisions—Class II abatements, extends co-op/condo abatement program through 2026 (amds. RPTL Sec. 467-a) S.3252-A Liu Passed Senate 5/31

Signed 6/30

Ch. 147

A.4972-A Braunstein Passed Assembly 5/24
New York City Provisions–Abatement for alterations and improvements to multiple dwellings for purposes of preserving habitability in affordable housing (amds. RPTL Sec. 489) S.4709-A Kavanagh Passed Senate 6/9

Signed 10/23

Ch. 536

A.7758 Braunstein Passed Assembly 6/10
New York City provisions–Abatement, extends and enhances the solar electric generating system and electric storage system tax abatements (amds. RPTL Secs. 499-aaaa through 499-cccc) S.6640-B Kavanagh Passed Senate 6/7

Signed 9/22

Ch. 485

A.6113-B Carroll Passed Assembly 5/31
PILOTs: Amendment to chapter 766 of 2022. Adds email as an option for Industrial Development Agency notice and confirmation of such notice to affected local taxing jurisdictions and school districts prior to approval of projects S.1337 Comrie Passed Senate 1/30

Signed 3/3

Ch. 32

A.977 Solages Passed Assembly 1/24
PILOTs: Amendment to chapter 686 of 2022. Promotes affordability and stability of housing in Battery Park City S.842 Kavanagh Passed Senate 1/24

Signed 3/3

Ch. 85

A.2353 Fall Passed Assembly 2/1

PILOTs: Exempts New York City businesses that make PILOTs from the requirement to provide notice of their intention to change assessments (amds. RPTL Sec. 561-a)

S.6999 Addabbo Passed Senate 6/7

Signed 10/25

Ch. 565

A.5969 Williams Passed Assembly 5/31
Schenectady Co.: Authorizes Schenectady County to grant a $250 taxpayer assistance payment to all property owners with a qualifying STAR exemption or STAR credit S.5607-A Breslin Passed Senate 6/5

Signed 9/22

Ch. 489

A.5346-A Santabarbara Passed Assembly 6/6
STAR: Enacts the "STAR Credit Bill of Rights" and establishes the office of the STAR ombudsman S.57 Harckham Passed Senate 2/28

Vetoed 11/17

Veto Message #63

A.5255 Shimsky Passed Assembly 5/31
STAR: Exempts income earned working at the polls from the definition of income for STAR purposes S.5781-A Breslin Passed Senate 6/6

Vetoed 12/22

Veto Message #124

A.5477-A McDonald Passed Assembly 5/17
Tax Cap modification: Provides that the tax base growth factor includes the value of new assessment exempted under a Payment In Lieu of Taxes agreement (amds. GML law) S.1045 Cooney Passed Senate 6/9

Vetoed 12/22

Veto Message #110

A.1567 McDonald Passed Assembly 6/7
Tax Enforcement–V. of Plandome Manor, extends authorization to sell or pledge delinquent tax liens as collateral until 12/31/25 (amds. C. 519 of 2019) S.3598 Martins Passed Senate 6/5

Signed 8/23

Ch. 284

A.4100 Sillitti Passed Assembly 5/22
T. of Southampton: Amendment to chapter 788 of 2022. Eliminates the requirement that the commissioner of taxation and finance approve assessments of eligible parcels of land made for the purpose of determining the payment that an eligible district may receive from a town that has established a Peconic Bay Community Preservation Fund S.1339 Palumbo Passed Senate 2/1

Signed 3/3

Ch. 2

A.601 Thiele Passed Assembly 1/24
T. of Hempstead–extends PILOTs from the Town to the school and fire district for certain Lido Beach land for 2 yrs. to 6/30/2025 S.6151-A Canzoneri-Fitzpatrick Passed Senate 6/6

Signed 6/30

Ch. 174

A.6554-A Brown Passed Assembly 6/7
T. of Orangetown: Extends limitations on the shift between classes of taxable property through the 2023-2024 assessment rolls (amds. RPTL Sec. 1903) S.7359 Weber Passed Senate 5/31

Signed 8/23

Ch. 309

A.7398 Zebrowski Passed Assembly 5/31
T. of Clarkstown: Limits adjustment of Article 19 current base proportion to one percent on the 2023-24 assessment roll (amds. RPTL Sec. 1903) S.7360 Weber Passed Senate 5/31

Signed 8/23

Ch. 310

A.7399 Zebrowski Passed Assembly 5/31