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2022 property tax-related legislation

Passed both houses in 2022

Final Status

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Governor's Program and Budget Bills

Subject of legislation Bill number Prime sponsor Last action of legislature Action of Governor
Budget Bill: includes provision relating to taxation of HRBRRD lands (see Part XX) S.8008-C Budget Bill Passed Senate 4/08 Signed 4/9 Ch. 58
A.9008-C Budget Bill Passed Assembly 4/08
Budget Bill: includes provisions relating to the telecommunications assessment ceiling program, STAR, solar and wind valuation program, homeowner tax rebate credit and NYC childcare center tax abatement (see Parts Y, Z, AA and BB) S.8009-C Budget Bill Passed Senate 4/07 Signed 4/9 Ch. 59
A.9009-C Budget Bill Passed Assembly 4/07

Other RPT related bills
Subject of legislation Bill number Prime sponsor Last action of legislature Action of Governor
Condos & Co-ops: Allows municipal corporations to value newly constructed and converted cooperative and condominium units based on market value, at local option (amds. RPTL Secs. 581, 339-y) S.5946-B Reichlin-Melnick Passed Senate 5/31

Vetoed 12/23

Veto Message #142

A.3491-B Galef Passed Assembly 6/1
Condos & Co-ops: Allows the Town of Greenburgh  to value newly constructed and converted cooperative and condominium units based on market value, at local option (amds. RPTL Secs. 581, 339-y) S.9413 Stewart-Cousins Passed Senate 6/1

Signed 12/23 Ch. 786

A.10488 Abinanti Passed Assembly 6/2
Exemption, 1st-time homebuyers: Extends to 12/31/2028 (amds. RPTL Sec. 457) S.8890 Kavanagh Passed Senate 5/23 Signed 8/08 Ch. 485
A.9135 Englebright Passed Assembly 3/7
Exemption, not-for-profit housing company: Replaces the term “mentally retarded” with the term “developmentally disabled” (amds. RPTL Sec. 422) S.6789-A Persaud Passed Senate 6/1 Signed 7/26 Ch. 479
A.7882-A Abinanti Passed Assembly 5/16
Exemption, residential construction: Allows certain villages to exempt newly constructed single-family and multi-family residential properties (adds RPTL Sec. 485-w) S.8268-B Mannion Passed Senate  6/2 Signed 8/17 Ch. 510
A.5987-C Stirpe Passed Assembly 5/11 
Exemption, SCRIE and DRIE: Expands eligibility to tenants of former Mitchell-Lama rental buildings (amds. RPTL 467-c) S.6903 Kavanagh Passed Senate 3/22

Signed 12/15 Ch. 684

A.7986 Glick Passed Assembly 5/23
Exemption, SCRIE and DRIE: Amendment to S.6903 regarding former Mitchell-Lama properties (amds. RPTL 467-c) S.9471 Kavanagh Passed Senate 6/3

Signed 12/15 Ch. 687

A.10508 Glick Passed Assembly 6/3
Exemption, SCRIE and DRIE: Extends to 6/30/2024 (amds. RPTL Secs. 467-b and 467-c) S.9308 Kavanagh Passed Senate  5.23

Signed 6/30 Ch. 292

A.10142 Lucas Passed Assembly 5/17
Exemption: SCRIE, DRIE, SCHE and DHE: Adds provisions relating to Battery Park City (amds. RPTL Sec. 459-c, 467, 467-c) S.9032-B Kavanagh Passed Senate 6/2

Signed 12/15 Ch. 686

A1014-A Niou Passed Assembly 6/3
Exemption, seniors: Requires mailing of additional notice (amds. RPTL Sec. 467) S.8570 Gounardes Passed Senate 5/23

Signed 12/23 Ch. 738

A.1980 Dinowitz Passed Assembly 5/11
Exemption, seniors and disabled: Raises the maximum income from $29,000 to $50,000 beginning July 1, 2022 (amds. RPTL Secs. 467 and 459-c) S.3085-A Stewart-Cousins Passed Senate 5/10 Signed 8/08 Ch. 488
A.3956-A Abinanti Passed Assembly 5/24
Exemption, Superstorm Sandy: Extends the deadline for applications for certain improved properties affected by Superstorm Sandy S.8718 Gaughran Passed Senate 5/05 Signed 6/28 Ch. 235
A.9424 Jean-Pierre Passed Assembly 5/17
Exemption, task force: Extends the effectiveness of the real property tax exemption task force to 12/02/2024 S.8942 Harkham Passed Senate 5/23 Signed 8/17 Ch. 539
A.10117 Abinanti Passed Assembly 5/24
Exemption, vol. firefighters & amb. workers: Provides all local governments with the option to provide a property tax exemption to volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers (adds RPTL Sec. 466-a; repeals county-specific exemptions) S.9131 Reichlin-Melnick Passed Senate 6/1

Signed 12/09 Ch. 670

A.10155-A Zebrowski Passed Assembly 5/24
Miscellaneous: Extends provisions of law authorizing political subdivisions to permit any public body to hold meetings remotely and without in-person access during the COVID-19 state disaster emergency S.7623-A Gaughran Passed Senate 1/11

Signed 1/14 Ch. 1

Approval Memo 1

A.8591 Thiele Passed Assembly 1/11
Miscellaneous: Includes spent fuel rods in the definition of real property (amds. RPTL Sec. 102) S.7671 Harckham Passed Senate 6/2

Vetoed 12/09

Veto Message #90

A.8427 Galef Passed Assembly 5/31 
Miscellaneous: Requires Tax Dept, to conduct a study of the frequency of residents who are being assessed library taxes for more than one public library or association library S.7857-A Skoufis Passed Senate 6/1

Vetoed 11/23

Veto Message #63

A.9448-A Stirpe Passed Assembly 5/24
Nassau Co.: Extends the assessment review commission for two more years, through June 30, 2024 S.9390 Kaminsky Passed Senate 5/31

Signed 6/30 Ch. 289

A.10121 Lavine Passed Assembly 5/24
Nassau Co.: Limits adjustment of Art. 18 and 19 current base proportions to 1 pct. (amds. RPTL Secs. 1803-a and 1903) S.8497 Kaminsky Passed Senate 5/5 Signed 8/17 Ch. 536
A.9465 Lavine Passed Assembly 6/1
New York City: Authorizes NYC to provide a tax rebate to certain owners of real property for the fiscal year commencing July 1, 2022 (adds RPTL Sec. 467-I) S.9399 Sepulveda Passed Senate 5/31

Signed 6/10 Ch. 216

A.10440 Braunstein Passed Assembly 6/1
New York City: Limits adjustment of Art.18 current base proportions to a % set by City Council, but no more than 5% (amds. RPTL Sec. 1803-a) S.9372 Gounardes Passed Senate 5/31

Signed 6/10 Ch. 215

A.10442 Weprin Passed Assembly 6/1
PILOTs: Requiring notice and confirmation of such notice by affected local taxing jurisdictions and school districts prior to approval of projects by industrial development agencies S.3256 Comrie Passed Senate 3/15

Signed 12/23 Ch. 766

Approval Memo 68

A.10056 Solages Passed Assembly 5/17
PILOTs: Requires businesses that make payments in lieu of taxes to provide agencies, local governments and school districts with notice of their intention to change assessment (adds RPTL Sec. 561-a) S.953-A Gaughran Passed Senate 5/23

Signed 12/28 Ch. 799

A.944-A Magnarelli Passed Assembly 5/23
PILOTs: Requires industrial development agencies to notify a taxing jurisdiction within two years of the expiration of a payment in lieu of taxes agreement, or immediately upon the early termination of an agreement S.4471-A Mannion Passed Senate 4/22

Signed 12/16 Ch. 708

A7925-A Thiele Passed Assembly 5/23
State lands: Includes taxable State land additions for certain Central Pine Barrens properties (amds. RPTL Sec. 536) S.4025 Palumbo Passed Senate 6/1

Signed 12/16 Ch. 692

A.4217 Thiele Passed Assembly 5/24
Tax Enforcement: Authorizes special proceedings to convey title to abandoned commercial and industrial real property to a city, town, or village S.9470 Cooney Passed Senate 6/3

Signed 12/30 Ch. 837

Approval Memo 113

A.5337-A McDonald Passed Assembly 6/3
T. of Clarkstown: Limits adjustment of Article 19 current base proportion to one percent on the 2022-23 assessment roll (amds. RPTL Sec. 1903) S.9117 Reichlin-Melnick Passed Senate 5/25

Signed 6/30 Ch.273

A.9772 Zebrowski Passed Assembly 5/17
T. of Orangetown: Extends limitations on the shift between classes of taxable property through the 2022-2023 assessment rolls (amds. RPTL Sec. 1903) S.9332 Reichlin-Melnick Passed Senate 5/24 Signed 8/17 Ch. 550
A.10380 Lawler Passed Assembly 6/3
T. of Southampton: Authorizes payments to certain taxing districts from community preservation funds for exempt lands S.8025 Palumbo Passed Senate 6/2

Signed 12/23 Ch. 788

Approval Memo 74

A.9158 Thiele Passed Assembly 5/31