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Qualifications and certifications

Minimum qualifications

Basic Certification

Interim Certification:


Qualification requirements

Persons in New York State who wish to become appointed Assessors, County Directors, and/or Real Property Appraisers must satisfy certain minimum qualification standards as specified by 20 NYCRR 8188. These persons must also become certified for these positions by completing a basic training program. Assessors in NYC must meet city Civil Service requirements prior to appointment. 

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Elected Assessors must meet residency and age requirements, and complete the basic certification requirements. In addition, elected assessors must be re-certified upon re-election.

Basic certification training requirements

The basic certification training requirements are prescribed in 20 NYCRR §8188 Rules for Real Property Tax Administration. Programs for Assessors, NYC Assessors, County Directors of Real Property Tax, Real Property Appraisers (RPA), and Candidates for Assessor.

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