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Certification requirements: County Directors

The powers and duties of County Directors are described in Real Property Tax Law (RPTL 1532). In order to carry out such duties as tax mapping, advisory appraisals, and supporting assessment functions within their counties, County Directors must be trained and certified as described in (RPTL 1530) and the 20 NYCRR 8188, subpart 8188-4.

County directors must complete a course of training within four years of beginning the initial term of office.

The State Certified County Director designation is awarded after successful completion of the basic training program. County directors must show progress toward certification by completing:

  • orientation, ethics and two (2) or more components in the first year
  • a total of five (5) or more components by the end of the second year
  • a total of eight (8) or more components by the end of the third year in office

Ethics Requirement

Completion of an approved Ethics component is required for uncertified county directors no more than one year prior to or one year after appointment to office.

Basic certification training program: Required courses

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