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Advanced designations

State certified assessor, advanced and other optional designation programs

To qualify for the advanced designation, an assessor must be certified and then successfully complete three advanced courses. These courses are characterized as week-long, higher-level complex appraisal courses, with an exam. Educational Services will consider approving more courses that satisfy these criteria. Assessors may send us a detailed course outline and sponsor information to request a review. The assessor must submit proof of passing the exam or a course completion certificate to Educational Services for processing.

Choose three (3) of the following electives:

NYSAA, Cornell seminar course

  • IAO Course 1: Methodologies and Assessment Techniques
  • Commercial and Industrial Appraisal

IAAO courses

  • Course 201: Appraisal of Land
  • Course 207: Industrial Property Appraisal
  • Course 310: Applications of Mass Appraisal Fundamentals
  • Course 311: Residential Modeling Concepts
  • Course 312: Commercial and Industrial Modeling Concepts
  • Course 320: Multiple Regression Analysis
  • Course 321: Application of Residential Modeling Concepts
  • Course 400: Assessment Administration
  • Course 402: Property Tax Policy

Department of State courses

  • Applied Residential Property Valuation (R-3)
  • Principles of Income Property Appraising (G-2)
  • Applied Income Property Valuation (G-3)
  • Advanced Residential Applications and Case Study (R-10) and Residential Report Writing (R-11)

Once an assessor has earned the Advanced designation, there are two more optional designations to earn for professional recognition. The course requirements are determined by the sponsoring organizations, see below:

State certified assessor, professional designation

Any State certified assessor, advanced may attain the Designation of State Certified Assessor, Professional by submitting proof to Educational Services that he or she has been designated a professional assessor by the Institute of Assessing Officers of the New York State Assessors' Association.

State Certified Assessor, National Designation

Any State Certified Assessor, Professional may attain the designation of State Certified Assessor, National designation by submitting proof to Educational Services that he or she has obtained a professional designation from the Appraisal Institute, or the International Association of Assessing Officers.

If you have questions, please call 518-474-1764 or e-mail: Educational Services.