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Commercial tree species of New York

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Commercial tree species

Common Name Abbreviation Occurrence
Balsam Fir BF Common
Black Spruce BS Rare
Eastern Hemlock HE Common
Eastern Red Cedar RC Rare
Eastern White Pine WP Common
Jack Pine JP Rare
Larch (Tamarack) LA Rare
Northern White Cedar WC Common
Norway Spruce NS Common
Pitch Pine PP Rare
Red Pine RP Common
Red Spruce RS Common
Scotch Pine SP Common
White Spruce WS Rare
American Basswood BA Common
American Beech BE Common
American Elm EL Rare
American Sycamore SY Rare
Bigtooth Aspen AS Common
Black Birch BB Common
Black Cherry BC Common
Black Locust BL Common
Black Oak BO Rare
Black Walnut BW Rare
Butternut BU Rare
Chestnut Oak CO Common
Cucumbertree CU Rare
Eastern Cottonwood CW Rare
Hickory HI Common
Northern Red Oak RO Common
Paper Birch PB Common
Pin Oak PO Rare
Trembling (Quaking) Aspen TA Common
Red Maple RM Common
Scarlet Oak SO Rare
Silver Maple SM Rare
Hard (Sugar) Maple HM Common
Tulip (Yellow) Poplar TP Rare
White Ash WA Common
White Oak WO Common
Yellow Birch YB Common

Non-Commercial tree species

Common name
Alder Dogwood Mountain Ash Shadbush
Blue Beech Gray Birch Mountain Maple Striped Maple
Boxelder Hawthorn Pin Cherry Willow
Chokecherry Hophornbeam Sassafras Witchhazel