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Online Sales Reports

Online Sales Reports are available to the assessment community and ORPTS staff to review the RP-5217 data and also confirm the data provided to ORPTS via their RPS035 transmittals and paper corrections. By using their secure Assessment Community Account, users can access the Online Sales Reports. Learn more about secure access. Also, please note the common correction issues, which may affect expected results and cause confusion.

RPS Users

Please review your local RPS035 transmittal agreements/schedules to identify when your sales would be transmitted to ORPTS. Corrections/updates should appear on the reports within 2 weeks of your transmittal to ORPTS, barring any problem with a transmittal file or transfer of data to Data Warehouse. Updated sales will appear as "RPS Updated" on the List of Arms Length Sales.

Reports and Instructions

Three Online Sales Reports are provided for local review along with user instructions.

  1. List of Arm's Length Sales for town, cities or villages - This list of sales, identified as "arm's length" on the real property database, should be reviewed for accuracy, with particular attention to the Sale Update or Roll Match status; COD or RAR usability; and Sale Price, especially as it relates to the arms length nature of the sale.

    [more detail : Sample List of Arm's Length Sales Report]
  2. Sales Excluded from Agency Use - This is a report of sales that have been flagged on the real property database as "non-arm's length" and excluded from any agency use (RAR, COD, Survey/Equalization, etc...) Corrections are not necessary unless you disagree with our exclusions.

    [more detail: Sample Sales Excluded Report]
  3. Sales with Potential Contradictions - This report displays sales with potential contradictions. They are identified on the state database as "arms-length" sales and will be included for RAR and COD purposes (unless they have been excluded for other reasons). However, corrections to these sales must be made if the sale is to be excluded.

    [more detail: Sample Potential Contradictions Report]