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05/06/2024 Assessment Community Weekly

Use the Upload Files tool to submit your roll to ORPTS

If you published your tentative roll on May 1, use the Upload Files tool to transmit your roll file to ORPTS by May 10.

Do not submit your roll in PDF format. Upload a copy of your RPSv4 database or—if you do not use RPSv4—a 15-c file. For details on how to upload files, see the instructions.

Note: When using the Upload Files tool, we strongly encourage you to use Google Chrome.

Solar and Wind Appraisal Model 2024: Public comments and responses now available

As a reminder, we recently posted the final 2024 discount rates and model for appraising solar and wind energy systems with a nameplate capacity equal to or greater than one megawatt. The rates and model remain in effect for 2024.

Thank you to all who took the time to provide comments on the model. Following a 60-day comment period, we reviewed all of the comments received and adjusted the model appropriately. We are pleased to report that responses to many of the public comments received are now available.

For more information, see Appraisal methodology for solar and wind energy projects.