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04/29/2024 Assessment Community Weekly

Tentative roll reminder

If you publish your tentative roll on May 1, please transmit it to ORPTS and publish it on your municipal or county website by May 10. (See RPTL 1590.)

Use the Upload Files tool in the Online Assessment Community (OAC) to transmit the roll. For details, see the instructions.

Note: When using the Upload Files tool, we strongly encourage you to use Google Chrome.

Final reminder: Manufactured home and co-op spreadsheets due May 6, except on Long Island

We encourage you to get started on your manufactured home and co-op spreadsheets asap. On behalf of the manufactured home and co-op unit owners in your communities, thank you for your timely assistance! (The May 6 deadline applies to all municipalities except those in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, which have later assessment calendars.)

To get started, visit: Send the mobile home and co-op spreadsheets to the Tax Department. There are three worksheets, each with separate instructions:

Important: You must complete the Status Changes for 2024 tab manually. RPSV4 will not update this tab. Completing this tab will help us to issue timely credits.

Updated Reassessment Project Deadline Dates

We have updated our Reassessment Project Deadline Dates through 2026.

As a reminder, last week we also updated the following:

Tip: For more reassessment info, see our reassessment resources for local officials.