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04/15/2024 Assessment Community Weekly

Certified STAR Exemption Amounts

The 2024 STAR exemption amounts are now available online statewide.

If you would like a pdf copy of the STAR exemption certificate, email

Reminder: STAR Report #1 is updated and available

We’ve updated the Enhanced STAR Eligibility Report (Report #1) to correct a processing error that impacted that report only.

See last week’s announcement for details.

Reminder: Two RPSV4 updates now available

Last week we announced two new RPSV4 updates:

  • STAR maximum exemption savings
  • Volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers exemption

See last week’s announcement for details.

Reminder: 2024 STAR exemption maximum savings now available online

The Maximum 2024-2025 STAR exemption savings are now available online.

Your actual STAR savings may be less than the maximum STAR savings. The amount of the STAR savings offered in your municipality cannot exceed its maximum STAR exemption savings, but it can be less than the maximum.