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04/08/2024 Assessment Community Weekly

STAR Report Update

The Enhanced STAR Eligibility Report (Report #1) is not currently available. We’ve identified a processing error with that report only. We will notify you when the corrected report is available. If you have already run the report, we will provide instructions to update your file. 

The following reports continue to be available:

  • Income Greater than $250,000 Report (Report #2)
  • Voluntary Exemption Removal Report – Initial (Report #3)

Thank you for your patience. We are working to resolve the issue with Report #1 as soon as possible.

Our training schedule is updated

The ORPTS training schedule is updated through Fall 2024.

Register soon! Many classes fill up fast.

Questions? Email or call 518-474-1764.

2024 STAR exemption maximum savings now available online

The Maximum 2024-2025 STAR exemption savings are now available online.

Your actual STAR savings may be less than the maximum STAR savings. The amount of the STAR savings offered in your municipality cannot exceed its maximum STAR exemption savings, but it can be less than the maximum.

Note for RPSV4 users: We will notify you in the upcoming days when the database update is available for STAR maximum savings amounts.

466-a RPSV4 update

We expect to release an RPSV4 update for the volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers exemption in the upcoming days. Keep an eye on your email. We will let you know when it is available.

The update allows RPS150 assessment and tax roll functions to account for multiple 4163_ exemptions on a single parcel without a workaround.

New Judicial case:

We've added Matter of Wythe Ave. Props., LLC v Tax Commn. of the City of N.Y. to new Judicial cases.