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04/01/2024 Assessment Community Weekly

In this edition:

  • STAR reports 1, 2, and 3 now available
  • Final solar and wind appraisal model for 2024 rolls now available
  • Manufactured home and co-op spreadsheets due May 6, except on Long Island
  • FYI: Annual request for special franchise reports

STAR reports 1, 2, and 3 now available

The first three STAR reports are now available in the Online Assessment Community.

Please use the reports to update your files before locking down your tentative rolls.

If this is new to you, visit the 2024 STAR Implementation Guide, and get started with How to Access and Download STAR Reports.

As a reminder, new this year, STAR reports may now be downloaded as an Excel file. For a summary of the updates we made to the Implementation Guide this year, see What's new for 2024.

There are separate instructions for each report:

We’ve updated the following printable resources, to help you throughout the report cycle:

Need to update an IVP enrollment?

If you need to update an IVP enrollment, please see the IVP Tool User Guide.

Need to provide report changes to ORPTS?

If you need to provide changes to any of the reports to us, please follow the instructions on How to submit STAR report changes.

Final solar and wind appraisal model for 2024 rolls now available

The final 2024 discount rates and model for appraising solar and wind energy systems with a nameplate capacity equal to or greater than one megawatt are now online.

Assessors are required to use the model and discount rates to value and place 2024 assessments on affected solar and wind energy systems.

To get started, see Appraisal methodology for solar and wind energy projects, including a new User Guide. The notable changes to the 2024 model include:

  • Net energy metering projects have been incorporated.
  • Market transition credits/community credits and community adders now default to the highest credit amount unless overridden by the user (assessors should attempt to obtain project-specific MTC/CC/CA figures from property owners).
  • Revenue forecasts, expense forecasts, and discount rates have been updated.

Thank you to all who took the time to provide comments on the model. Following a 60-day comment period, we reviewed all of the comments received and adjusted the model appropriately. We plan to post responses to many of the public comments received in the coming days.

Manufactured home and co-op spreadsheets due May 6, except on Long Island

We encourage you to get started on your manufactured home and co-op spreadsheets. On behalf of the manufactured home and co-op unit owners in your communities, thank you for your timely assistance! (The May 6 deadline applies to all municipalities except those in Nassau and Suffolk Counties, which have later assessment calendars.)

To get started, visit: Send the mobile home and co-op spreadsheets to the Tax Department. There are three worksheets, each with separate instructions:

Important: You must complete the Status Changes for 2024 tab manually. RPSV4 will not update this tab. Completing this tab will help us to issue credits timely.

FYI: Annual request for special franchise reports

We sent the below email to municipal clerks today. Note that we encourage clerks to work closely with assessors to complete the form.

Please take a moment to complete Form RP-7114Municipal Report of Special Franchise Activity, for the 2023 calendar year. By providing us with this information, you will help us to ensure that utility companies are reporting all of their infrastructure.

Use Form RP-7114 to report:

  • special franchise boundary changes,
  • new special franchise, and
  • construction in the public right of way.

We ask that all municipalities complete this form, even if there were no changes last year. If there were no changes, simply:

  • enter the name and SWIS code in Part 1,
  • select No in Part 2,
  • enter NA in Parts 3 and 4, and
  • ask your supervisor or mayor to complete Part 6.

By April 15, please return the form and any attachments to the mailing address, fax or email on the form. If you have questions, email

While municipal clerks are responsible for completing and submitting the form, we encourage you to work closely with your assessor to complete it.

New Judicial case:

We've added 1186 Broadway Tenant LLC v Tax Commn. of the City of N.Y. to new Judicial cases.