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03/11/2024 Assessment Community Weekly

2024 Tentative Special Franchise Values and Telecommunication Ceilings

We have sent the following:

  • 2024 tentative telecom ceilings to all impacted munis outside of New York City and
  • 2024 tentative special franchise values to all munis outside of New York City

We are using email to send the values and ceilings except to assessors who previously opted out of electronic communication.

Q. Can ORPTS tell me which school district my special franchise property is in?

A. Special franchise is reported only at a SWIS level. We do provide school district apportionments that are based on the percentage a school district that is in the SWIS. You can contact the company directly to identify more precisely which school districts are impacted in your municipality. For more information, see the Apportionment section of the Procedures For Utility Company Assessment Roll Standardization (UCARS).

Q. What is the parcel identification number of my special franchise property?

A. The property in question is mass property, and mass property is treated as having no specific physical location for assessment purposes. The assessor may assign one or more parcel ID numbers for the special franchise property of each company as they see fit. The Tax Department has no role in the assignment of parcel ID numbers. For more information, see Section, Block, Lot format (Part III of the UCARS procedures noted above).

Final oil and gas unit of production values

The 2024 oil and gas unit of production values are final. There were no changes to the tentative values. For the details, see our Oil and Gas landing page.

Judicial cases

New Judicial cases: