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01/08/2024 Assessment Community Weekly

STAR handout for new homeowners updated for 2024

The English language version of the updated handout is now available. It reflects the Enhanced STAR income limit of $98,700 for the 2024-2025 school year, as well noting that 2022 tax information is required to register for the credit. Translated versions will be updated in the coming weeks.

Note: If the 2023 version opens when selecting the link, refresh the link in your browser window or clear your cache. If you have previously viewed the 2023 version, it may be saved in your browser.

2023 legislative summary now available

The Summary of 2023 Real Property Tax Legislation is now available on our website.

Looking for a prior year’s summary? You’ll find legislative summaries—as well as the bill status webpages—back to 1997 in our online archive.

Should you submit your LOA for early determination?

Do you think your level of assessment should be accepted as the 2024 equalization rate and residential assessment ratio for your municipality?

If your major type A (residential) ratio is within 5% of your overall ratio, you should consider submitting your LOA for an early determination.

If you believe you qualify and your tentative roll date is May 1, submit your 2024 LOA to your ORPTS customer service team by Wednesday, February 21.

467 guidance updated to reflect RP-459-c forms

Last week, we reported that the RP-459-c series of forms and instructions are now available for 2024, following the law changes to income eligibility earlier this year.

You’ll find links to the guidance and associated forms in a special section of the Assessor/Director landing page.

Note: Form RP-459-c will be revised again in a few months because of a separate amendment to the law that will allow certain Workers Compensation awards to be submitted as proof of disability. That amendment, Chapter 757 of the Laws of 2023 (described more fully in the Summary of 2023 RPT Legislation mentioned above), will take effect March 21, 2024.