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01/02/2024 Assessment Community Weekly

RP-459-c forms for 2024 now available

The RP-459-c series of forms and instructions are now available for 2024, following the law changes to income eligibility earlier this year.

Note the new Form RP-459-c-Wkst, Income worksheet for Exemption for Persons With Disabilities and Limited Incomes. This form is for use by applicants who do not file income tax returns. The guidance for the 467 worksheet for non-filers applies to this form, as well.

Similarly, the 467 guidance for income tax filers also applies to the 459-c exemption.

We are updating both sets of guidance to reflect 459-c in addition to 467.

To review the eligibility changes for 2024, see the summary that we previously shared. 

Note: If the 2023 form opens after selecting a link below, refresh the link in your browser window or clear your cache. 

  • Form RP-459-c, Application for Exemption for Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes
  • Form RP-459-c-Rnw, Renewal Application for Exemption for Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes 
  • New: Form RP-459-c-Wkst, Income worksheet for Exemption for Persons with Disabilities and Limited Incomes 
  • RP-459-c-I, Instructions for Forms RP-459-c and RP-459-c-Rnw 

Draft 2024 solar and wind appraisal model available for public comment

On Thursday, December 28, 2023, the Department of Taxation and Finance published a draft 2024 solar and wind appraisal model for public comment. The draft model is available at Appraisal methodology for solar and wind energy projects along with instructions.

We will accept comments on the draft 2024 model through February 27, 2024. You can email comments to The department will review and consider all timely comments and will then publish a final model to be used for 2024 assessment rolls.

Summary of changes

  • Net energy metering projects are incorporated into the model.
  • Market transition credits/community credits and community adders now default to the highest credit amount unless overridden by the user.
  • Revenue forecasts, expense forecasts, and discount rates have been updated.

RPS Online surveys coming soon to the full assessment community

ORPTS and the RPS Online Project Team extend our sincere thanks to the hundreds of assessors who volunteered for the RPS Online User Groups. Your help has been invaluable!

As the development of RPS Online moves forward, we want to extend the opportunity to participate in related surveys to the entire assessment community.

New RPS Online Constituents Group

The updated survey process will be overseen by a new RPS Online Constituents Group in conjunction with ORPTS and the Project Team. The Constituents Group is comprised of 12 members: six assessors and six county directors from throughout the state.

After consulting with the Constituents Group on future surveys, ORPTS will announce them in the Assessment Community Weekly newsletter. You’ll then have two weeks to take each survey.

The Constituents Group will review the results of the surveys and make recommendations to ORPTS and the Project Team.

Thank you in advance for participating in the surveys. Your input will be crucial to the ongoing development of RPS Online.

Group Members


  • Denise Knauer, Cortlandt
  • Erin Gratch, Lowville
  • Heather Weinhold, Guilderland
  • Michael Milks, Cheektowaga
  • Molly MacElroy, Schenectady
  • Tom Cardinal, Salina

County Directors

  • Beth Sadlon, Herkimer County
  • Cathy Weisse, Dutchess County
  • Corey Metz, Oswego County
  • Jay Franklin, Tompkins County
  • Kelly Anderson, Schuyler County
  • Sarah Lippincott, Wyoming County

New Judicial case

We've added Matter of Cedrone v City of Fulton Assessor's Off. to new Judicial cases.