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11/20/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Alternative veterans exemption legislative update

Governor Hochul recently signed into law an amendment to the alternative veterans exemption. The new legislation, Chapter 611 of the Laws of 2023, updates the definition of “veteran” to include certain career members of the armed forces. This amendment is in effect for the upcoming 2024 property tax cycle.

Generally speaking, career service members may be considered “veterans” under the new law if they:

  • have fulfilled their initial military service commitment;
  • were not discharged or released when that initial commitment ended because they reenlisted;
  • would have been eligible for a non-dishonorable discharge or release if they had not reenlisted; and
  • have served for at least ten years.

The webpage will be updated shortly. Updates to the form are underway and expected in the new year.

For more information, you may review the amendment on the New York State Legislature’s website (search S7461 or A3381-A). 

Please use your County Customer Service Team email address

When emailing your regional liaison, please use the County Customer Service Team email address listed on our county team page

We know many of you email your ORPTS liaison directly. However, by using the team email address you’ll help us to provide better customer service while keeping your full county team up to date.

Using RPSV4 to create mailing labels

Thanks to ORPTS’s Khristina Ulmer for putting together these brief instructions for the RPSV4 Utility Label Report.

Note: We expect Forms RP-467 and 467-RNW to be available in RPSV4 in early December.

Reminder: RPSV4 update now available for new volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers exemption

The RPSV4 update for administration of the 2022 RP-466-a exemption is now available in the Online Assessment Community. After you log in, select RPSV4 Updates in the menu. Under Maintenance releases for RPS2020, you’ll need to download and run:

  • RPS2020_5003.exe, and
  • Db_794.exe.

The associated release notes are also available.

To help you use the functionality in this update, we are also providing a brief video tutorial. For the full details, see our November 7, 2023 announcement.

New Judicial case

We've added Matter of Coscia v Town of Greenburgh to new Judicial cases.