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10/30/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Senior Income Level Report (Report #9) is now available in the Online Assessment Community

Report #9 lists properties whose owners may be eligible for the senior citizens (467) exemption. To be listed on the report, the owners would typically:

  • meet the age requirements for the 2024 Enhanced STAR benefit, and
  • have a reported federal adjusted gross income (FAGI) below $58,400 on their 2022 income tax return(s).

The report is for your information; you are not required to take action based on the report.

As you know, eligibility for the senior citizens exemption is not entirely based on FAGI. However, this report may be helpful to assessors who wish to reach out to lower-income seniors and advise them of the availability of the senior citizens exemption. (The statutory maximum income for the sliding scale senior citizens exemption was increased to $58,399.99 by Chapter 488 of the Laws of 2022.)

The report is not intended to include all properties with incomes under $58,400. For instance, if we are unable to determine the income for a particular property, it would not be listed on the report.

Note: For mobile home and co-op properties that are not separately assessed, the Received 467 on recent roll field will be blank.

New website for the State Board of Real Property Tax Services

We are happy to announce a new State Board of Real Property Tax Services website. A new law, Executive Law § 203-b, requires state agencies to establish and maintain standalone websites for the boards they support.

Track RPT-related legislation on our website

With only two months to go until the end of the year, now is a good time to review the Current status of property tax-related legislation. This webpage provides a summary of all property tax-related legislation that has passed both houses of the New York State Legislature this year. It is typically updated with 24 hours whenever a bill passes both houses or has a change in status.

So far this year, 27 bills related to real property taxation have passed both houses and 18 have been signed by Governor Hochul. The remaining nine will all have to be delivered to the Governor by the end of the year.

Pro tip: For bill text and an explanation (also known as a bill memo) of a particular piece of legislation, visit New York State Legislature. (You’ll also find a link to that page on the top of our Current Status page.) But don’t include the period in the bill number when searching. For example, A977 will work; A.977 won’t