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10/02/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

We look forward to meeting with many of you at the NYS Assessors Association Conference! 

See you Wednesday in Saratoga Springs!

Reminder: Homeowner receiving inappropriate STAR exemption benefit?

After school tax bills have been issued, we occasionally hear of instances where a property owner who is receiving a STAR exemption benefit they’re not entitled to or who should have received the Enhanced exemption but received Basic (or vice versa). Here are some examples:

  • Changes from the Final Roll Corrections Report were not applied, and now some homeowners are receiving the Enhanced STAR exemption rather than Basic (or vice versa) on their school tax bills.
  • The Enhanced STAR exemption wasn’t granted because it seemed that the property owners didn’t meet the residency, age, or ownership requirements. Now the assessor has information to confirm they are eligible for Enhanced.
  • The Basic STAR exemption was removed in error.

If you have a similar case, first consider whether it can be addressed locally via a corrected school tax bill or correction of errors.
If it cannot be fixed locally, email the details to We have the authority to issue bills for inappropriately granted STAR benefits and to issue a check for an exemption benefit that should have been received.

Judicial cases

new Judicial cases:

  • Matter of Eckel v Nassau County
  • Matter of Peaceful Val. Hous. Dev. Fund Corp. v Town of Johnsburg