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09/25/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Reminder: ORPTS Symposium

From noon on Tuesday, September 26 through Wednesday, September 27, all ORPTS staff will be gathered for the First Annual ORPTS Symposium. This will provide our staff with the opportunity to train and learn about the dozens of products and services that we provide.

During this time, our staff will not be available to answer the Assessor/Director Hotline. You will still have an ability to leave us a voicemail. If you leave a voicemail after noon on Tuesday or anytime Wednesday, you’ll receive a call back on Thursday or sooner.

When will the STAR fact sheet for new homeowners be updated for 2024?

We encourage local officials and real estate professionals to make our STAR fact sheet available to new homeowners. Doing so helps remind new homeowners to register for the STAR credit.
Bear in mind that we don’t update the handout for the following year until January. This is because homeowners are still registering for the 2023 STAR credit through the end of the calendar year.
Unlike the STAR exemption and other property tax exemptions, you do not need to own your home on taxable status date to be eligible for the STAR credit. Instead, you must own your home and it must be your primary residence as of the last day to pay school taxes without interest or penalty.
Some localities that don’t use the standard assessment calendar have school tax due dates as late as mid-January. Therefore, the online registration for the STAR credit will continue to ask for 2021 income information through the end of the calendar year.
We’ll release the updated handout for the 2024 STAR credit in early January.

Last call! Sept. 29 is the deadline to apply for Aid for Cyclical Reassessments

If you conducted a 2023 reassessment and your final roll date is July 1, the deadline to apply for state aid is September 29. For details and application forms, see Aid for Cyclical Reassessments.

Reminder: New online income worksheet option

New this year, to expedite the process, recipients of Form RP-5300-WS can use a new online income worksheet to provide their information. Of course, those who would prefer to do so, can also provide their information over the phone or on paper.
If you are contacted about the letter, please direct the homeowner to call us at 518-457-2036.
If you assist a homeowner with their income worksheet, we recommend you utilize the new online income worksheet. To access the online worksheet, see Respond to a letter requesting income information for STAR.