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09/05/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

ICYMI: STAR Credit Direct Deposit pilot in Nassau and Suffolk Counties

On Friday, we announced that we’re piloting a new direct deposit option for STAR credit recipients in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. See the STAR Credit Direct Deposit announcement

If you receive questions from homeowners about this program, direct them to: 

  • visit our website ( and search: STARDD, or
  • have them call our representatives at 518-457-2036 on weekdays between 8:30 a.m. between 4:30 p.m.

ICYMI #2: 2024 senior citizen exemption applications now available

On Thursday, we announced that the following forms and instructions are now available for 2024 following the law changes to income eligibility earlier this year. See the 467 announcement. For a description of the law changes, see the summary that we previously shared.

We are working with RPTAC and the Assessors Association on sharing a draft Excel spreadsheet for calculating income eligibility. If you have comments on the spreadsheet, please email 

Note: Updated 459-c forms are in development for 2024, including a new RP-459-c-WKST. We will let you know when they’re available in the upcoming weeks. 

Due date approaching: Aid for Cyclical Reassessments

If you conducted a 2023 reassessment and your final roll date is July 1, the deadline to apply for state aid is October 1. For details and application forms, see Aid for Cyclical Reassessments.

Judicial cases

new Judicial cases

  • Matter of Foreclosure of Tax Liens (City of Newburgh)
  • City of New York v Town of Carmel