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08/07/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Requesting tax rates from school districts

School tax rates are crucial to calculate STAR credits. We recently sent this email to school officials across the state (except New York City). Our team will also reach out to school districts individually if we don’t receive the tax rates promptly.

ICYMI: STAR Credit Eligible Report (Report #8) now available

On Wednesday, we announced that Report #8 is available. See the announcement for details.

STAR forms for 2024 rolls now available

Now that we’ve passed the last taxable status dates for 2023 rolls, the STAR exemption forms for the 2024-2025 school year are available online:
Form RP-425-B, Application for Basic STAR Exemption
Form RP-425-E, Application for Enhanced STAR Exemption
Form RP-425-IVP, Supplement to Form RP-425-E

IVP Tool now available for 2024

Thank you for your patience while we prepared the tool for 2024 exemptions. It is now ready for use in the Online Assessment Community.

New Judicial case

We've added Matter of Vlaun v Board of Assessment Review for the Town of Babylon to new Judicial cases.