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07/24/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Before creating your school tax file . . .

Avoid problems down the road. Make sure to use the correct STAR Exemption Amount, and ensure that the savings do not exceed the Maximum STAR savings.

Last call to request advisory appraisals for most munis

If you’re conducting a reassessment, and you expect to request a utility advisory appraisal, the deadline to submit Form RP-7021, Utility Advisory Appraisal Request, is 270 days prior to your tentative roll date (by August 1 for localities using the standard assessment calendar). Please include a request for each year of a reassessment cycle.

Reminder: When properties sell

After a property sells, don’t forget to:

  • transmit the sale and any changes to ORPTS,
  • update your roll to reflect the sale inventory, and
  • update the IVP record to indicate the property was sold.

For details, see Managing real property transfer data.

Verify sales inventory data

In order to accurately create our products (equalization rates, RARs, etc.), we rely on you to provide us accurate inventory data. Therefore, be sure to verify your inventory data throughout the year. In addition, be sure to verify it at the time of sale and make sure it is correct on your roll before it is filed.

Reminder: New online income worksheet option

We've begun our annual mailing of income worksheets (Form RP-5300-WSP) to STAR credit recipients from whom we need additional information to determine eligibility. New this year, to expedite the process, recipients can use a new online income worksheet to provide their information. Of course, those who would prefer to do so, can also provide their information over the phone or on paper. 

If you are contacted about the letter, direct the caller to call us at 518-457-2036.