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06/26/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

2023 STAR credits are off and running! 

We’ve started mailing 2023 STAR credits. As we have in recent years, we’ll send STAR credits to homeowners in school districts prior to the school tax due date. For example, last year in school districts with September 30 due dates, we sent virtually all of the credits by September 14.

To see when checks will begin going out in your area, visit our STAR Check Delivery Schedule.

If you receive questions from homeowners about the STAR credit, direct them to call 518-457-2036.

Looking for 2023 senior citizens exemption affidavits?

You’ll find them here, or in our list of property tax forms:

Tip: You can also browse property tax forms by subject.

New letter to homeowners who may be missing out on a STAR benefit

This week we’re piloting a new letter for homeowners who are not receiving any STAR benefit and our records indicate they may be eligible for a STAR credit: Text for RP-425-MBB letter

This is one of ORPTS’s Taxpayer Experience Initiatives. It builds on our success last year of reaching out to seniors receiving the Basic STAR exemption who may have been eligible for the Enhanced STAR exemption: Text for RP-425-MBE letter.

As always, direct STAR credit inquiries to us at 518-457-2036.