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06/20/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

STAR Reports 5 and 6 now available for most municipalities

Report #5: STAR Delinquency Report. This report is now available for cities and towns where the municipality or county provided us with the final STAR delinquency file by June 15. For more information, see:

If the report is not yet available for your municipality, you will receive this message: The report you selected is not available for this SWIS code.

Report #6: Voluntary Exemption Removal Report – Final. This report reflects prior STAR exemption recipients who voluntarily switched to the STAR credit.

For more information, see Report #6 instructions.

What to do next. As soon as possible, access the reports in the Online Assessment Community, and remove the STAR exemptions from the impacted properties.

Note: Basic STAR Exemption Removal Files. On Friday, we emailed Basic STAR Exemption Removal Files to assessors and county directors who process exemptions. For municipalities with 10 or more removals, we included an RPSV4 bulk transaction file. The Basic STAR Exemption Removal Files are a one-time addition to the standard STAR reports; they will not be made available in the Online Assessment Community. For details, see our June 16 email.

Update: RPSV4 and the Volunteer Firefighter and Ambulance Worker Exemption

We appreciate your patience while we continue to work on addressing multiple aspects of this new exemption that were previously unprecedented. In the upcoming months, we will release an RPSV4 update that will enable you to:

  • apply the exemption at less than 10%,
  • administer the exemption for special districts other than fire districts where the fire district has not opted into the exemption, and
  • administer the exemption in cases where only the fire district has opted into the exemption.

We’ll provide more information as we move closer to the release date.

Update: 940 rates made

We've nearly finished making equalization rates for cities and towns with May 1 and June 1 tentative roll dates. Some reminders:

  • Watch your email: We’ll email your rate to the assessor and the county director as soon as it’s made. (We’ll also post it online the following day.)
  • If ORPTS accepts the LOA as the equalization rate: The rate will immediately become final. ORPTS will not issue a tentative rate, and—by law—the municipality does not have the authority to file a rate complaint.
  • If ORPTS doesn’t accept the LOA as the rate: ORPTS will establish a tentative rate and notify the assessing unit of the date on which any complaints will be heard. In addition, the assessor is required by law to provide a separate notice to the local governing body of any affected: 
    • town,
    • city,
    • village,
    • county, and
    • school district

The assessor’s notice must specify the difference in the indicated total full value estimates of the locally stated level of assessment and the tentative equalization rate for the taxable property within each affected jurisdiction listed above.

The assessor must provide this notice within ten days of the receipt of the tentative equalization rate, or within ten days of the filing of the tentative assessment roll, whichever is later.

New Judicial case

We've added Nassau Prop. Invs., LLC v Jason Goffe to new Judicial cases.