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On June 16 we will send you a list of Basic STAR exemption removals

As you busily work to prepare your final assessment rolls, we’re giving you advance notice of a one-time removal file for Basic STAR exemptions.

In our May 1 edition, we notified you of a mailing to property owners who were in danger of losing their Basic STAR exemptions. Since 2013, Basic STAR exemption recipients are required to register with our department. The property owners receiving the mailing did not register after being sent two notices to do so.

On Friday, June 16, we will send emails to all assessors and county directors with lists of those property owners who are no longer eligible for the Basic STAR Exemption. We ask that you remove the Basic STAR exemption from these properties.

This file is a one-time addition to the standard STAR reports; it will not be included in the Online Assessment Community.

Continuing to work with affected property owners: We are continuing to work with homeowners who register to help them keep their Basic STAR exemptions. As such, you may receive a subsequent email from our staff restoring the exemption for a specific homeowner who registers after we send you the removal files. We do not anticipate a significant number of these cases. We appreciate your efforts in those cases to restore the exemption prior to finalizing the school tax roll.

What to do when you receive the file

  • RPSV4 users: We will send bulk transaction files to all municipalities that have 10 or more exemptions to remove. (RPSV4 users with less than 10 removals will have the option to request a transaction file.) By processing the transaction file, RPSV4 will remove the Basic STAR exemption from impacted properties in your municipality. Please process the file before finalizing your assessment roll. (Note: You will need to manually remove the exemption from manufactured homes and co-ops.)
  • Users of software other than RPSV4: Please remove the exemption manually from your files before finalizing your assessment roll.

Additional STAR reports coming soon

In addition to the one-time Basic STAR Exemption Removal File discussed above, in the upcoming days we’ll notify you when we publish the following annual STAR reports:

If you receive questions

If a property owner has a question about a letter from our department, please direct them to call our STAR representatives at 518-457-2036.