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05/08/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Update on solar and wind appraisal model

Stipulation of Discontinuance in Matter of Town of Blenheim et al v Hiller was so ordered by the court on May 5, 2023. The discontinuance of that proceeding means that the temporary restraining order issued on April 29, 2022, is no longer in effect.

The Stipulation of Discontinuance is a result of the enactment of Part N of Chapter 59 of the Laws of 2023. In accordance with section 3 of Part N, the Department of Taxation and Finance is hereby readopting the 2022 appraisal models and discount rates for use in 2023. Assessors seeking guidance regarding Part N, the discontinuance of Matter of Town of Blenheim et al v Hiller, and the Tax Department’s readoption of the models for use in 2023 should contact their municipal attorneys.

We have placed this information on related webpages, including Appraisal methodology for solar and wind energy projects.

STAR third party forms due June 1

Do you have STAR third party forms that you haven’t previously transmitted to us?

To accommodate seniors who have requested notification of a third party regarding STAR, please provide us with copies of Form RP-425-TPNRequest for Mailing of Notice to a Third Party Regarding Enhanced STAR Exemption. Please do not send copies of forms that you have previously provided to us.

You can provide the forms to us in any of the following ways:

  • Scan the RP-425-TPN forms and email them to 
  • Fax the forms to 518-457-0866.
  • Mail the forms to:

ALBANY NY 12227-0801

We’ll send any letters regarding STAR exemption status to the third parties.

Tentative roll reminders

If you published your tentative roll on May 1, you have until May 10 to transmit it to ORPTS and publish it online. (See RPTL 1590.)

Use the Upload Files tool in the Online Assessment Community (OAC) to transmit the roll. For details, see the instructions.

Note: When using the Upload Files tool, we strongly encourage you to use Google Chrome.

Final railroad ceilings

The railroad ceilings are finalized for all 344 municipalities with property subject to the ceilings. We have emailed or mailed the notice to all impacted municipalities and companies.