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04/24/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Reminder: Manufactured home and co-op spreadsheets due May 8, except on Long Island

For details, see our April 10 announcement.

RPSV4 users: Update to instructions for 466-a administration

On April 12, we provided instructions to add exemption code 4163x to your V4 reference tables. We have one addition to those instructions; please see step 7 below.

  1. From Navigation screen, choose Administration.
  2. Choose Ref Tables option from task bar at top.
  3. In Reference Table Selection, choose Exemption Definition.
  4. At bottom of Exemption Definition Reference Table Selection, choose Add.
  5. Choose your SWIS, Roll Year and the Exempt Code (4163X – X being the Exemption applicability)
  6. Tab past the Exempt Code after choosing exemption, and “RPTL 466-a” should appear in the Exempt Name.
  7. Scroll over until you see the column heading adval dist appl. Check this box to apply the exemption to ad valorem special districts.
  8. Do not change any of the other columns. This is all that is needed for this exemption.
  9. You’re ready to add the exemption to your parcels!

See the full announcement.

Tentative roll tips and requirements

  1. Submit your roll to ORPTS within 10 days of publishing the roll. (See RPTL 1590.)
  2. Use the Upload Files tool in the Online Assessment Community (OAC) to submit the roll.  

    When using the tool, we strongly encourage you to use Google Chrome.

    On the first page of the tool, there’s a link to the instructions.

    If you have questions:

    contact your ORPTS Customer Service Team, or

    email the ORPTS Data Management Unit.

  3. Also, within 10 days of publishing the roll, post it online and provide a link from your municipality’s homepage. If your city or town doesn’t have a website, arrange to have it posted on the county’s website.

STAR Delinquency letters hitting mailboxes

We are in the process of issuing letters to Basic STAR recipients who have been reported to us as having property tax delinquencies greater than one year:

For details of the program, see STAR and property tax delinquency.