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Certified STAR Exemption Amounts and RPSV4 Volunteer Firefighters Info

The 2023 STAR exemption amounts and maximum savings are now available online statewide.

If you would like a pdf copy of the STAR exemption certificate, email

Note for RPSV4 users: We will make the STAR maximum amounts available in RPSV4 in the future—well before the timeframe for preparing school tax bills.

Update on RPS V4 and the exemption for volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers

We have had some assessors report issues to us regarding last week’s announcement of the RPSV4 patch for the new 466-a exemption (RPS2020_4224.exe).

Most of the issues that have been reported were resolved by adding 4163X to the V4 reference tables after running the patch. Please see the instructions below.

In addition, we have heard of situations in which assessors were using the old exemption code and trying to apply the rules for the new exemption to it. This will not work. The assessor will need to delete the old exemption from the parcel and add the new exemption code.

We also want to remind you of the information we shared on March 27 when we announced that the RPSV4 update was available:

There are various unprecedented options within RPTL 466-a for which this release will not provide full functionality. For example, RPSV4 cannot process a situation where only a fire district is offering the exemption or where taxing jurisdictions within an assessing unit can choose different levels of benefit. This is the first time that an exemption has been enacted with such provisions, and they would require extensive changes to the RPSV4 system, including its structure. Since our emphasis is on the development of RPS Online, these changes will be fully incorporated into the functionality and structure of RPS Online. We are working on potential solutions to accommodate these circumstances within RPSV4 without extensive rewriting of the existing system. We will share more information as it becomes available.

Instructions to add 4163X to V4 reference tables

  1. From Navigation screen, choose Administration.
  2. Choose Ref Tables option from task bar at top.
  3. In Reference Table Selection, choose Exemption Definition.
  4. At bottom of Exemption Definition Reference Table Selection, choose Add.
  5. Choose your SWIS, Roll Year and the Exempt Code (4163X – X being the Exemption applicability)
  6. Tab past the Exempt Code after choosing exemption, and “RPTL 466-a” should appear in the Exempt Name.
  7. Save. Do not change any of the other columns. This is all that is needed for this exemption (though this may not be true for others).
  8. You’re ready to add the exemption to your parcels!