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04/03/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Tentative railroad ceilings

We’ve issued 2023 tentative railroad ceilings to 344 impacted municipalities.

STAR reports 1, 2, and 3 now available

It’s that time again! The birds are returning, the snow is melting, and the first three STAR reports are available in the Online Assessment Community.

Please use the reports to update your files before locking down your tentative rolls.

If this is new to you, visit the 2023 STAR Implementation Guide, and get started with How to Access and Download STAR Reports.

There are separate instructions for each report:

Note: There were no updates to the instructions for those reports this year.

We’ve updated the following printable resources, to help you throughout the report cycle:

Need to provide report changes to ORPTS?

If you need to provide changes to any of the reports to us, please follow the instructions on How to submit STAR report changes.

STAR exemption denial letters hitting mailboxes

We have started to mail the following letters to impacted homeowners. Select the link to read the text of the letter.

If you are contacted about either letter, advise the property owner to follow the instructions on the letter or call 518-457-2036.