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03/20/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Our training schedule is updated

The ORPTS training schedule is updated through Fall 2023.

Register soon! Many classes fill up fast.

Questions? Email or call 518-474-1764.

Reminder: preliminary State-owned land lists

Preliminary lists of 2023 taxable state land and taxable state conservation easements are available in the Online Assessment Community for impacted municipalities. By April 3, please review all posted documents and follow the instructions to complete the lists. If you have questions, email or call (518) 457-7724.

Reminder for county directors: April 1 deadline approaching for STAR/delinquency spreadsheets

County directors: By April 1, please send your lists of Basic STAR recipients with property tax delinquencies greater than one year to

We recommend using the Delinquent Reporting Spreadsheet and instructions.

For program details, see STAR and Property Tax Delinquency.

Changes to our property transfer webpages

We’re updating our webpages related to Form RP-5217-PDF. Our goal is to improve the user experience by:

  • by customizing the content based on the type of user (local assessment official, property buyer/seller or real estate professional), and
  • helping users to self-address issues with downloading the form.

We’ve published two new webpages as part of this transition:

We’ll continue to keep you up to date as we improve our web content.