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03/13/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Is your municipality providing an additional benefit to Enhanced STAR recipients? STAR Report #11 may help

We occasionally hear of municipalities offering benefits for seniors who are receiving an Enhanced STAR credit or exemption. For example, some cities reduce or exempt their trash collection fees for Enhanced STAR recipients.

If your municipality is providing such a benefit, you can find the list of Enhanced STAR credit recipients in the Online Assessment Community in the STAR Credit Issued Report (Report #11).

Quick quiz: A property owner receiving the Basic STAR credit ages into the Enhanced STAR credit. What should the assessor change in the IVP Tool?

Answer: Nothing! You do not need to make any changes to the IVP Tool for STAR credit recipients. The IVP Tool is strictly for recipients of the Enhanced STAR exemption.

Regardless, when a property owner receiving the Basic STAR credit becomes eligible for the Enhanced STAR credit, we automatically send them the increased benefit. They do not need to take any action to jump from the Basic STAR credit to Enhanced STAR.

STAR income worksheets hitting mailboxes

In addition to the STAR letters we announced in our February 27 edition, we are now sending income worksheets (RP-5300-WS) and cover letters (RP-5310-WS).

Reminder: preliminary State-owned land lists

Preliminary lists of 2023 taxable state land and taxable state conservation easements are available in the Online Assessment Community for impacted municipalities. By April 3, please review all posted documents and follow the instructions to complete the lists. If you have questions, email or call (518) 457-7724.