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02/27/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Reminder: Deadline approaching to update your existing IVP entries

Last week, we prompted you to update the IVP Tool for the Enhanced STAR exemptions in your municipalities. For those with May 1 tentative roll dates, please adhere to these deadlines:

  • If you're transmitting the data to us for data entry, please do so by Wednesday, March 8. (For details see How to transmit IVP forms to the Tax Department.)
  • If you're entering the IVP data directly into the IVP Tool, complete your entries by Monday, March 13.

For more IVP Tool tips, see our February 21 newsletter.

Preliminary State-owned land lists

Preliminary lists of 2023 taxable state land and taxable state conservation easements will be available this week in the Online Assessment Community for impacted municipalities. By April 3, please review all posted documents and follow the instructions to complete the lists. If you have questions, email or call (518) 457-7724.

Some STAR letters hitting mailboxes

We recently mailed the following STAR credit letters to impacted homeowners. If you are contacted by a property owner about the STAR credit or a related letter, please direct them to our STAR call center: 518-457-2036.

  • RP-5310-DLS (you’re receiving STAR on another property)
  • RP-5310-DLPR (the property must be your primary residence)
  • RP-5310-DLI (your income exceeds the $500,000 income limit for the STAR credit)