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01/17/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

2023 Agricultural Values now available online and in RPSV4

The 2023 Agricultural Assessment Values per Acre are now available from Agricultural assessment information.

RPSV4 users: To install the 2023 values:

  • log into the Online Assessment Community,
  • select RPSV4 Updates from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner, and
  • under Agricultural data, select Ag_up_2023.exe

Performing the update will not increase the database change level; this is a data-only release and does not directly affect functionality contained in the application or the database.

To verify that the new 2023 values have been loaded into your database, check the Agricultural Soil Group Definition table in the Reference Table Selection area of the Administration Module for 2023 values.

We also recommend that you execute Administrative RPS344—Agricultural Exemption Update.

RPSV4 replication sites should run this update at both the remote and consolidated sites.

Should you submit your LOA for early determination?

Do you think your level of assessment should be accepted as the 2023 equalization rate and residential assessment ratio for your municipality?

If your major type A (residential) ratio is within 5% of your overall ratio, you should consider submitting your LOA for an early determination.

If you believe you qualify and your tentative roll date is May 1, submit your 2023 LOA to your ORPTS Customer Service Liaison by Friday, February 17.

Income worksheets for Enhanced STAR exemption hitting some mailboxes 

Last week we sent out income worksheets to seniors for whom we need additional income information to determine eligibility for the Enhanced STAR exemption. The worksheets go out with this cover letter.

If you are contacted by senior about the income worksheet or the letter, assessors are authorized to help them complete the worksheet. Alternatively, you can direct them to the number on the letter: 518-457-2036.