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01/03/2023 Assessment Community Weekly

Happy New Year! Let’s make 2023 great!

STAR handout for new homeowners updated for 2023

The updated handout is now available. It reflects the Enhanced STAR income limit of $93,200 for the 2023-2024 school year, as well noting that 2021 tax information is required to register for the credit.

Update to new form for volunteer firefighters and ambulance workers

Form RP-466-a-vol is updated to note that the amount of the exemption is up to 10% of the volunteer’s home. For questions about the exemption percentage, consult your municipal attorney.

New notification requirement regarding senior citizens exemption

On December 23, Governor Hochul signed into law Chapter 738 of the Laws of 2022. The new law requires a second copy of the notice required by Real Property Tax Law § 467, Subsection 4 to be sent 30 days prior to the filing deadline.

If you have questions about this new law, please consult your municipal attorney.