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12/27/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

Happy holidays! 

ORPTS recently partnered with Green Island Assessor Maggie Alix to provide gifts for 40 Capital Region children. Thanks for leading the effort Maggie!

Mailing to seniors who may be missing out on Enhanced STAR

To help seniors who may be missing the benefits of the Enhanced STAR program, we send letters to Basic STAR exemption recipients who appear to be eligible for the Enhanced STAR exemption based on our records. We are only mailing the letter, Form RP-425-MBE, along with Forms RP-425-E and RP-425-IVP, to seniors who live in cities and towns with March 1 or later taxable status dates. The letter will be hitting mailboxes this week. 

Your Questions Answered

Q. If I receive an application for Enhanced STAR, but I determine the applicant is not eligible, should I enter the data from Form RP-425-IVP into the IVP Tool anyway?

A. No. As noted on our IVP Q&A page (last Q&A in the Processing section), if the property owner becomes eligible in a future year, you should enter the information into the IVP Tool after they reapply with your office.

Hat tip to Teri Ross for helping us clarify the language on our IVP administration webpage.

Judicial cases

New Judicial cases

  • Matter of 20 Mall at Guilderland, LLC v Board of Assessment Review of the Town of Guilderland
  • NYCTL 1998 -2 Trust v Massey