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Report #10 available statewide; Report #11 available for most munis

Note: Both reports below are for your information; you are not required to take action based on either report.

Report #10: NYS Tax Return Deceased Report

The NYS Tax Return Deceased Report (Report #10) is now available in the Online Assessment Community to assessors and county directors. In prior years, only county directors could access the report. However, a law change earlier this year granted access to the report for assessors as well.

The report lists property owners who:

  • are receiving or registered for a STAR benefit, and
  • were reported as deceased on a recent New York State income tax return.

If you choose to use the information in this report, before making any changes to your files, you may wish to cross reference it against local information on the Internet or other sources.

If you come across a property owner that is erroneously listed in the report (that is, they’re not deceased), it is almost certainly due to information mistakenly reported on an income tax return. You can notify us at, and we will update the report when it is next published.

Report #11: STAR Credit Issued Report

The STAR Credit Issued Report is available for all municipalities where school taxes are due by the end of September. The report lists all recipients of 2022 STAR credit checks through mid-November. It indicates whether the check was for the Basic or Enhanced STAR credit; it does not include dollar amounts.