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10/11/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

County Directors: We look forward to seeing you in Auburn at your fall conference!

ICYMI: Senior Income Level Report (Report #9) now available

Report #9 lists properties whose owners have federal adjusted gross income below the maximum income that could possibly qualify them for a senior citizens (467) exemption. This year’s report reflects the new statutory maximum income for the sliding scale option of $58,399.99. For details, see the Report #9 Instructions.

Note: The law requires us to base the list on the statutory maximum income for the sliding scale option, which this year is $58,399.99. The law doesn’t permit us to base the list upon the former maximum of $37,499.99, or upon any other income level.

ORPTS training update

The ORPTS training schedule is updated through Spring 2023.

Among the offerings, we’re excited to offer another live virtual Assessment Administration course beginning January 24.

Register soon! Many classes fill up fast.

Questions? Email or call 518-474-1764.

Why you should consider purging your STAR credit markers

After school tax bills have been processed, you can opt to purge STAR credit markers from your database. If you don’t remove the markers, the STAR check literal may inappropriately display on the town and county tax roll and individual tax bills.

Note: While taxable values would not be impacted, STAR credits are income tax credits, and the names of credit recipients are not subject to public disclosure. While the law allows us to provide you with lists of STAR credit recipients, it also states that the information contained on these lists must be considered confidential and may not be subject to further disclosure under FOIL or otherwise.

We determine eligibility for the STAR credit annually. Therefore, you should not carry over STAR credit recipients from one year to the next.

To remove the markers, browse to the RPSV4 Updates section of the Online Assessment Community, and follow the instructions in the release notes for the STAR_credit_purge.exe file.

In the upcoming weeks, we will provide you with a list of this year's STAR credit recipients in your jurisdiction.