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Report #7 now available to most municipalities

If you submitted your final roll to us by July 10, your Final Roll Corrections Report (Report #7) is now available in the Online Assessment Community (OAC). If you submitted your final (or amended) roll to ORPTS after July 10, we will issue your report at a later date.

Report #7 includes the following:

  • disparities between the final assessment roll and Reports #1, 2, and 3
  • changes to our determination due to a taxpayer responding to our mailing
  • flags for parcels that have missing or incomplete IVP enrollments

What to do next

Use this report to update the roll file before the processing of school tax bills. By law, you are authorized to make the changes indicated on the report after publishing the final roll.

Update the roll file that will be used to issue school tax bills based on the Current Status field. However, if a property is listed on the report as eligible but you’re aware that – as of taxable status date – it’s not eligible due to age, ownership, or residency:

For more information

See the instructions.


After reviewing the instructions, if you have questions, email