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06/27/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

Happy Final Roll Date and Fourth of July!!

You’ve reached another milestone in the assessment calendar. And hopefully this one is followed by some much needed recreation and vacation. But before you head to the lake or the ocean or the hammock in the backyard, make sure to fulfill the provisions of RPTL 1590. You have ten days from the publication of the roll to:

  • transmit your final roll to ORPTS, and
  • post the roll online and provide a link from your municipality’s homepage. If your city or town doesn’t have a website, you must arrange to have it posted on the county’s website.

Many thanks!

Upcoming STAR Reports

  • Final Roll Corrections Report (Report #7): Late July
  • STAR Credit Eligible Report (Report #8): Early August

For the full schedule of reports, see the STAR Report Summary.

New Judicial case

We've added NYCTL 2019-A Trust v Alaric Enters., LLC to New Judicial cases.