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06/21/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

STAR Reports #s 5 and 6 are now available for most municipalities.

Details below. These are the last reports that we will issue before the July 1 Final Roll Date.

STAR Delinquency Report (Report #5) 

Report #5 is now available for most municipalities. The STAR Delinquency Report lists Basic STAR exemption and credit recipients who are no longer eligible for the exemption or credit because their property taxes are more than one year delinquent.

The report is available for municipalities where the necessary data was provided by June 10. (The data is typically provided by counties and some cities.) 

Run the report in the Online Assessment Community and remove the Basic STAR exemption from the listed properties.

For complete instructions, including exceptions where you should not remove the exemption, see the STAR Delinquency Report Instructions.

For more information about this new program, see STAR and Property Tax Delinquency.

Final Voluntary Exemption Removal Report (Report #6) 

The Final Voluntary Exemption Removal Report (Report #6) is now available in the Online Assessment Community for municipalities with July 1 Final Roll Dates. 

Report #6 lists property owners who were previously receiving the Basic or Enhanced STAR exemption but who have opted to switch to the STAR credit.

We issue the Voluntary Exemption Removal Report twice annually for most municipalities. Generally:

  • the initial report (Report #3) is available before municipalities publish their tentative rolls, and
  • the final report (Report #6) is available before they publish their final rolls.

We cannot issue this report until the deadline has passed to switch to the STAR credit for the current year. For more information, see Deadline to switch to the STAR credit.

For details, see the instructions. Bear in mind the following:

  • Those who opted to switch in prior years will continue to show on the current year report.
  • Any new owners who were not eligible for the exemption may also appear on the report if they selected the switch to the credit option when registering.

Reminder: Homeowner Tax Rebate Credits on their way

The 2022-2023 Enacted State Budget established the Homeowner Tax Rebate Credit program. We have already begun sending out checks, and we expect to send most of the remaining checks this month. A small percentage of homeowners will receive their checks after school tax bills are issued because we need the school tax data to calculate the credits and determine eligibility in those cases.

Our Homeowner tax rebate credit landing page includes:

  • how we calculate the credits,
  • questions and answers, and
  • a link to the Check Lookup, where homeowners can find the amount of their checks.

If you are contacted by homeowners with questions about the credit, direct them to the website and to our representatives at 518-453-8146.

Reminder: Tips for updating your Online Assessment Community (OAC) password

You may have noticed several added security features to your OAC account within the past year, including the captcha prompt before logging in. In addition, passwords must be reset approximately every 90 days, which was not the case in our previous platform. Last week, we received a few dozen phone calls and emails from users requesting password resets or assistance with their Online Assessment Community accounts.

Below are a few helpful reminders to resolve login issues before a password reset is required from our end:

  • Always access the Online Assessment Community directly from the Tax Department website. (Do not use browser bookmarks or favorites.)
  • Select ONLINE ASSESSMENT COMMUNITY LOG IN located on the middle of the page (not the Log in button on the top-right of the page)
  • Make sure you have cleared your browsing history, temporary files, cookies and/or cache and restart your browser, even if you’ve already done so recently. To learn how, see Browser requirements and troubleshooting tips.
  • We have found that Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome often works best as the browser.
  • Passwords must be at least 14 characters in length and include one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number or special character. Passwords cannot be reused. Passwords expire every 90 days.

If you still require assistance after following our troubleshooting guide above, you can reset your password using the Forgot Password? link on the log-in page, provided you know your username, or email ORPTS at

New Judicial case

We’ve added Matter of DCH Auto v. Town of Mamaroneck of N.Y. to New Judicial cases.