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05/02/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

Final reminder: Deadline for manufactured home and co-op worksheets is May 9 (except in Nassau and Suffolk counties)

For details, including worksheets and instructions, see Send the mobile home and co-op spreadsheets to the Tax Department.

It’s tentative roll time! Don’t forget these requirements

Congratulations! Now that you’ve made it to another milestone in your assessment calendar, don’t overlook the below requirements in Real Property Tax Law Section 1590. You have ten days from the publication of the roll to complete both.

  • Transmit your tentative roll to ORPTS. Use the new Upload Files application in the Online Assessment Community (instructions).
  • Post the roll online and provide a link from your municipality’s homepage. If your city or town doesn’t have a website, you must arrange to have it posted on the county’s website.

New Judicial case

We’ve added Matter of Town of Blenheim v Hiller to New Judicial cases.