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04/25/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

Reminder: Deadline for manufactured home and co-op worksheets is May 9 (except in Nassau and Suffolk counties)

For details, including worksheets and instructions, see Send the mobile home and co-op spreadsheets to the Tax Department.

For county directors: Paper copies of Form RP-953 are not necessary if the data is provided electronically

Mortgage investing institutions (MIIs) are required by RPTL § 953 to notify county RPT directors of the creation, transfer, or termination of real property tax escrow accounts.

We have been asked whether an MII may refrain from filing paper copies of Forms RP-953 and RP-953-ATT if it submits the required data to the county director electronically.

The short answer is yes. We believe that as long as the electronic submission is complete and in a format that the county director can readily access, there is no reason the MII should also need to file paper forms containing the same information. As the instructions on the RP-953-ATT state, these reports “do not need to be on a particular form,” so paper forms are not an absolute necessity.

However, when the county director distributes the data to assessors or collecting officers, the county director must provide it in a format they can work with.

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