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04/18/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

New Upload Files application simplifies roll transmittal

Right on time for tentative roll season, we’ve launched a new tool in the Online Assessment Community (OAC).

Google Chrome: For the best user experience, we strongly encourage you to use Google Chrome when accessing the tool.

After you log in to the OAC and select the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner, you’ll see a new Upload Files option.

On the first page of the new tool, there’s a link to the instructions.

If you have questions:
• contact your ORPTS Customer Service Team, or
• email the ORPTS Data Management Unit.

STAR delinquency letters going out shortly

In the upcoming days, we will begin mailing notices to Basic STAR recipients with property tax delinquencies greater than one year. For more information, including links to the letter content, see STAR and property tax delinquency.

Q and A: solar and wind appraisal model

Q. As an assessor, I create a suffixed parcel to reflect solar farm improvements. For instance, the land is 1.1-1-1.1 and the solar plant is 1.1-1-1.1/SOLR. How do the decision tree and scenarios that you recently published pertain to suffixed parcels?

A. Because your suffixed parcel does not include the land, you should follow the steps in the decision tree for a parcel with a land lease, except the value of the land will be $0.

In other words, assuming the land is leased from the property owner, enter the annual lease amount in the model. The model will not value the land. For the assessment roll:
• Land value = $0
• Total assessment = the model’s computed plant value X the level of assessment

Reminder: When preparing your manufactured home or co-op spreadsheets, reference the user guides for the worksheets.

Last week, we announced the deadlines for the MH and co-op worksheets. Based on the questions we’ve received, we’re reminding you that there is a separate instruction document for each worksheet:
Manufactured home spreadsheet for RPSV4 users
Co-op spreadsheet for RPSV4 users
Manual load spreadsheet for either property type for users of other software

New Judicial case

We've added Matter of TWU Counseling Ctr. Inc. v New York City Tax Commn. to New Judicial cases.