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04/11/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

STAR maximums now available to load into RPSV4

To install the STAR maximum amounts in RPSV4, visit RPSV4 Updates in the Online Assessment Community. The update is under STAR data.

Land valuation and the solar and wind appraisal model

We understand that some of you have questions about land and the appraisal model. To further clarify the land valuation process, we’ve developed a new publication. The printable handout includes a decision tree and scenarios to help clarify the land valuation process.

Manufactured home and co-op spreadsheets due May 9 in most municipalities

Last week, we announced that STAR reports 1, 2, and 3 are available for most of you.

This week, we encourage you to get started on your manufactured home and co-op spreadsheets.

Yes, despite the change in the STAR program related to manufactured homes, we still need you to complete the manufactured home spreadsheet. This is because we need the assessments for individual homes to calculate STAR credits.

To get started, visit: Send the mobile home and co-op spreadsheets to the Tax Department. You’ll find three sets of worksheets and instructions:

  • Manufactured home spreadsheet for RPSV4 users
  • Co-op spreadsheet for RPSV4 users
  • Manual load spreadsheet for either property type for use by users of other software

New for 2022: We’ve added a new tab to the two spreadsheets for manufactured homes. We ask that you list on that tab all manufactured homes that:

  • will be individually assessed (i.e. suffixed out) for the first time in 2022, and
  • will receive a 2022 STAR exemption.

The Tax Department will not send a STAR credit to the properties you list on that tab.

On behalf of the manufactured home and co-op unit owners in your communities, thank you for your timely assistance!

Redesigned property owners landing page

We’ve updated the property owners webpage to provide easier access to the most visited pages.

In addition, we’ve recently published two new webpages:

Next up: the assessor/director landing page. As we redesign the page, we’ll ensure that you continue to have easy access all of your favorite links.

Judicial cases

New Judicial cases:

  • Matter of Indeck-Corinth L.P. v Assessor for the Town of Corinth
  • Matter of Smith v County of Suffolk