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03/07/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

Don’t forget to spring forward this weekend! Yes, it’s that time already!

Residential assessment ratios

2022 RARs are now available in Municipal Profiles for most cities and towns with tentative roll dates of May 1 or earlier. For municipalities with later tentative roll dates, the RARs will be online sixty days prior to tentative roll date.

Preliminary State-owned land lists

Preliminary lists of 2022 taxable state land and taxable state conservation easements are now available in the Online Assessment Community for impacted municipalities. By April 8, please review all posted documents and follow the instructions to complete the lists. If you have questions, email or call (518) 457-7724.

Final oil and gas unit of production values

The 2022 oil and gas unit of production values are final. There were no changes to the tentative values. For the details, see our Oil and Gas landing page.

RPSV4 update available

An RPSV4 database update (db_790) and code patch (2918) are available. Together the update and patch:

  • update Forms RP-467, RP-467-Rnw and Standard Report RPS335 in accordance with legislative changes,
  • import modified letters ageexempt.rtf and rnwage.rtf, and
  • provide correction of costing error for fireplace types WB1 and WB2 and measure code 4 (dollars).

To access the executable file and release notes, log into the Online Assessment Community and select RPSV4 Updates from the menu. Db_790 and patch 2918 are listed under Maintenance releases for RPS2020.

Tip: See our previous announcement for tips on accessing the Online Assessment Community.

Coming very soon: RPSV4 patch to remove STAR from manufactured homes in parks

In the upcoming days, we’ll announce an RPSV4 patch to remove STAR exemptions from manufactured homes that are assessed as part of the park. The utility will not remove STAR from separately assessed manufactured homes. 

For general information, see Law change regarding manufactured homes and STAR.

Q: As a result of the change regarding STAR exemptions and manufactured homes in parks, will assessors be required to assess all manufactured homes separately from their parks?

A: No. Assessors will continue to assess manufactured homes as they have in the past, except that manufactured homes in parks will no longer be eligible for STAR exemptions.

BAR training schedule is now online

The 2022 BAR Training Schedule is now available. We publish this schedule to assist BAR members who are unable to attend training in their home county. 

County Directors: If you have not provided your training date to us—or if you have changes to your date—email the appropriate person below for your county:

Reminder: IVP deadlines RAPIDLY approaching

In early April, we will issue the first round of STAR eligibility reports for municipalities with May 1 tentative roll dates. To ensure that we have complete data for your municipality, please follow these deadlines:

  • Wednesday, March 9: if you're transmitting the data to us for data entry. (For details see How to transmit IVP forms to the Tax Department.)
  • Monday, March 14: if you're entering the IVP data directly into the IVP Tool.
    • We also ask that you update the Enhanced STAR IVP Tool for any changes by this date. For details, see the 2/14/22 edition.

By complying with those deadlines, you will enable us to accurately include your information in the April STAR reports.

New: 2021 assessment rolls now available on Open NY website

For the first time, statewide assessment rolls (except for New York City) are publicly available for download in a single location on the web: Open NY. Open NY is the State’s website for programs and tools that provide public access to digital data for collaboration and analysis.

Note: If you attempt to download the entire file of 4.7 million properties, there could be an extended download time. 

New York City makes its assessment roll publicly downloadable on its own NYC Open Data website

For more data than you can imagine, visit the Open NY homepage