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02/23/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

Happy Twosday, 2/22/22!

ACES project update

The State has issued a stop work order to Tyler Technologies on the ACES project for a period of 60 days. The Tax Department is committed to providing local governments with a quality software solution for assessment administration. We are evaluating next steps to achieve that outcome, and we will keep you informed.

IVP deadlines approaching

In early April, we will issue the first round of STAR eligibility reports for municipalities with May 1 tentative roll dates. To ensure that we have complete data for your municipality, please follow these deadlines:

We also ask that you update the Enhanced STAR IVP Tool for any changes by this date. For details, see the 02/14/22 edition.

By complying with those deadlines, you will enable us to accurately include your information in the April STAR Reports.

Proof of income for 467 is not necessarily an income tax return

In November, we told you about the law change that requires seniors applying for or renewing the senior citizens exemption (467) to provide their income information for a specific year.

To be clear, the law doesn’t require applicants to file income tax returns for the applicable income tax year if they’re not already required to do so. What it requires is that their eligibility be based on the income they received in the applicable income tax year. The documentation needed to prove their income did not change.

Note: The new law will have limited impact this year in municipalities that opted to automatically renew the 467 and 459-c exemptions from 2021, since renewal applications generally are not required in those jurisdictions. See Executive Order (EO) No. 11.1. (Also see EOs 11.2 and 11.3, which have extended the relevant provisions of EO 11.1.

Enter splits and merges into the IVP Tool

While you’re updating the IVP Tool, make sure that you update it for any parcels receiving the Enhanced STAR exemption that have been split or merged.

Once you identify the original property in the IVP Tool, you will find the Split and Merge options by selecting the Actions dropdown.

For complete instructions, see page 12 of the IVP Tool User Guide.

New Judicial case 

We've added Matter of Scarsdale Comm. for Fair Assessments v Albanese to New Judicial cases.