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01/31/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

Updated Forestry Assessor Manual now available 

Forestry Manual: Data Collection and Maintenance of Property Inventories is now updated on our website. Check out the new format! One of the best features of the new layout is that it’s totally accessible from a phone or desktop. (If you’ve ever tried opening a 150-page pdf document on your phone, you know what we mean.)

2022 Agricultural Values now available for RPSV4

The 2022 Agricultural Assessment Values per Acre are now available from Agricultural assessment information.

RPSV4 users: To install the 2022 values:

  • log into the Online Assessment Community,
  • select RPSV4 Updates from the hamburger menu in the upper left-hand corner,
  • Under Agricultural data, you’ll find Ag_up_2022.exe

Performing the update will not increase the database change level; this is a data-only release and does not directly affect functionality contained in the application or the database.

To verify that the new 2022 values have been loaded into your database, check the Agricultural Soil Group Definition table in the Reference Table Selection area of the Administration Module for 2022 values.

We also recommend that you execute Administrative RPS344—Agricultural Exemption Update.

RPS V4 replication sites should run this update at both the remote and consolidated sites.

This credit is not in the mail

It could happen to you: Mr. Jones walks into your office and says, “I hear there’s a new real property tax relief credit this year. When am I going to get the check?”

You may wonder if he’s thinking about the proposed Homeowner Tax Rebate Credit, which has received significant press coverage but hasn’t actually been voted on by the State Legislature yet. (See our January 24 edition.)

But Mr. Jones is half right! There is a new real property tax relief credit (RPTRC) this year. It was enacted into law in 2021. However, it’s not the same kind of credit as the Homeowner Tax Rebate Credit would be. This credit is actually an income tax credit that Mr. Jones can claim when filing his 2021 New York State income tax return. If he’s eligible, the credit will reduce his tax liability or increase his refund.

The RPTRC is a type of relief program known as a property tax circuit breaker. If a homeowner’s property taxes exceed six percent of their income, they’ll be eligible for the credit if they meet the other requirements.

Among the requirements, they must have received the 2021 STAR exemption or STAR credit, and their qualified gross income must be $250,000 or less.

The minimum credit is $250 and the maximum is $350.

So, if you’re asked, you can refer Mr. Jones to our Real property tax relief credit webpage and the RPTRC instructions.

Of course, we hope that Mr. Jones e-files his income taxes. That way he won’t need to manually fill out the form or do the calculations; the software should ensure that he claims the credit if he’s eligible.