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01/18/2022 Assessment Community Weekly

Congratulations to our Western NY colleagues—and Bills fans everywhere—on the Bills' big win this weekend!

Letters to manufactured home owners and park owners

As you know, beginning this year, most manufactured home owners are no longer eligible for a STAR exemption. (Only those who receive their own school tax bill from the school district continue to be eligible for the exemption.)

We’re beginning to send letters to impacted owners this week.

There are two separate letters to manufactured home owners:

  • Form RP-425-RMM-MH for those who need to register for the STAR credit
  • Form RP-425-RMS-MH for those who don’t need to take any action to begin receiving the STAR credit.

We are mailing Form RP-425-RMM-MH this week.

We expect to send Form RP-425-RMS-MH next week, and we’ll share a copy of the letter with you beforehand.

Letters and emails to manufactured home park owners

In addition to manufactured home owners, we are informing the owners of manufactured home parks of the STAR program changes. If they have an email on file with us, we’ll email them. Otherwise, we’ll send them Form RP-425-MHF.

We’ve added both of the letters noted above to Law change regarding manufactured homes and STAR.

Question and Answer: SalesScan

Q: I heard a rumor that ORPTS is ending SalesScan. Is that true?

A: Absolutely not. Many counties use SalesScan to scan the 2-D barcode on Form RP-5217-PDF and transmit the data to ORPTS. It streamlines the sales reporting process and significantly reduces the data entry required by the county.

ORPTS supports SalesScan and appreciates the 43 counties that use the system and transmitting the data electronically.

If you’re a county director with questions about SalesScan, email